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Drunk Driving

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If you have been charged with drunk driving or driving while intoxicated in the State of New York, then you’re facing the possibility of stiff fines and DWI penalties, including a lost license and jail time. But remember: a DWI arrest is not the same as a DWI charge or conviction. 

Jonathan Kaye is a former prosecutor who will start negotiating your defense as soon as possible – even before charges have been filed. For information about drunk driving laws and how to defend against the consequences of drunk driving, contact Jonathan Kaye as soon as possible to set up a free initial consultation.

Make sure that you do not answer any questions until you consult with an experienced New York attorney. The Law Firmof Jonathan Kaye is committed to protecting your rights and interests. With significant knowledge of prosecutorial guidelines and practices in DWI Court, we can take an aggressive, highly pro-active approach to mounting your defense immediately.


  • "Jonathan, I wanted to thank you for defending my marijuana arrest. You always made me feel at ease when I was in court with you. That was nice, because before I got to court I was sweating bullets!" Bill L.

  • "Jonathan, thanks for keeping me out of jail. I'm actually looking forward this time to participating in rehab and addressing my addiction. My shoplifting days are over!" Michelle G

  • "Hi Jonathan, I wanted to thank you again for defending my case so well. You are really good at what you do. Hopefully I never need a defense lawyer again. If I do, I know who to call." Brock B